Kilkenny- Ireland's Premiere Film Location

Why Film in Kilkenny

Why Film in Kilkenny ?

Why Film in Kilkenny ?

Welcome to Kilkenny, Ireland’s Medieval city.

Kilkenny is the finest medieval city in Ireland and located only 1 hour from Dublin.

The County boasts two major river valleys and stunning scenery. As a major tourist destination, the City and County’s reputation for historic buildings and locations along with stunning Irish scenery have captivated both Irish and International visitors alike.


Kilkenny is a county of many varied offerings:

Medieval city streetscapes,

Prehistoric caves,

Industrial estates and warehouses,

Rolling hills and idyllic countryside vistas,

Stunning rivers,

Remote rural landscapes.


Kilkenny Film office has been established to assist film makers in finding the right locations in Kilkenny to make and produce their project.

The office will assist you with support and contacts throughout the county to make filming in Kilkenny as convenient as possible.


Contact the Kilkenny Film Office today to find out what we can do for you.